Friday, May 25, 2012

Farewell Gathering Central Stores Mafraq Hospital

Our time in the Emirates is drawing to a close, as Scott was informed his position will now filled by an Emerati national. This is a government edict to replace ex-pats with Emerati citizens. Scott's employees in Central Stores at Mafraq Hospital held a farewell gathering yesterday on 24 May. In preparation for his leaving his post, he has been cleaning out his office. He laughingly told me yesterday that he finally got a corner office with a window (3.5 windows to be accurate) and only got to enjoy it for three years. Here he is in his really clean office.  Note there is not one piece of paper besides the one front and center on the desk and the board behind him have never been wiped totally clean before.  He is smiling because all the hard work of moving on has been accomplished and he is waiting for the party to start...

And let the festivities begin...

Several of Scott's senior staff:  Naseer, Scott, Shuhul, Mr. Nor and Fouad, truly  international as this group represents India, America, Singapor and Lebanon.

Several Porters, Delailah (Secretary), Thangal, Shamsudeen, Shahul, Fouad, Scott, Amad, Abdul Razak, Racheal, Sanji, Talat.  Additional nationalities in this group are Phillipines and Canadian.

L - R: Purchasing Staff,  Mohammed Saleem, Nadeem, Scott, Salem (Emirati, note the kandora and headscarf), Shahul & Abdul Razak.  This group was headed by Noora Al Mansouri, who left the department last autumn, she is greatly missed.  She came to the gathering specifically at Scott's request, however, out of respect for her cultural beliefs (Emirati) her picture will not posted.  She is such a lovely lady and Scott will miss her tremendously, he noted at the gathering that she had taught him so much and he was greatly in her debt.

L- R Lamia, (Palestinian) in the pink headscarf is Purchasing Dept's secretary Amad, Mohammed Saleem, Shamsudeen, Ghassen (Syrian, an employee that Scott helped to find a really lovely position in private sector),  and Sakkeer.  As you can see the smaller boxes with the pastries that lined the outside of the table are disappearing quickly.  The larger containers are wrapped-stuffed grape leaves and wrapped-stuffed cabbage leaves... Scott was in his glory!

 A very pretty and tasy cake - yes, the icing was lovely!

Mr. Mohammed Nor, Scott right-hand man in Central Stores.  A Singaporian, he is the kindest and most gentle, of men and yet efficiently runs the storehouse with an gloved fist!  Here is his giving Scott huge kudos by noting (with statistics) the differences in the departments output from three years ago to present.

Scott's employees all put together this this gathering and presented him with a really nice watch.  He was touched by the comments of his staff, as was I.  Scott's last day at Mafraq Hospital is next Thursday 31 May.  It has been quite the adventure. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is not path and leave a trail."  Cannot think of a better expression of Scott's experiences in Abu Dhabi. 

Watch for further updates as we celebrate this evening with our circle of friends and trust me it will be a "spirited" gathering.

Love to All, Christine (and Scott)

Gotta go and sell some more furniture!


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