Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abu Dhabi Triathlon 2012

All athletes bikes are racked and ready at the first transition area. We crossed the street just beside those tall buildings and are looking back at the city with the beach at our backs.
Stephan Saenger, Scott and Catarina Saenger just before the premier male athletes take to the water in the first heat. The premier female athletes are in the second heat. The 3rd and 4th heats are athleted completing the same long course as the premier athletes.
Scott's heat, the fifth start of the day takes off. They are in the green swim caps. The racers you see in the forground in blue swim caps are from the third heat. These racers have already swum the course once and have gotten out of the water at the exit. They run along the shore line and do a second swim around the course.
Here is Scott exiting the water. He will run right by me and chip in his ankle strap records his swim time as 28 minutes 16 seconds. He will run from here to meet up with Stephan at the entrance to the racked bicycles. They hand off the ankle strap and off went Stephan. He came in at 2 hours 55 minutes 9 seconds.
This is our Dutch friend Reinier Van Der Val after the first portion of his swim. You can see the huge flag pole and performing arts area across the water.
Among those wating at the second transition area are Catarina and Jonathan Saenger. It really is enjoyable watching all of the cyclists coming in and then literally racing off to complete the runnin portion of the event. It was not nearly as warm this year (90's in 2011) and better for racers and spectators
Jonathan (young man on left in green), Stephan in grey removing the ankle strap and Catarine in coral shirt and cap. By this time the wind has come up and the many cyclists on the course are struggling.
The Finish Line - Yes, there was a group of Emirate Nationals performing traditional dances at the finish line! The skinny canes are part of the dance and black holsters are for guns (well, honestly, where do you put your handgun in your kandora? You can see an Emerati woman in her abaya in the foreground; she is standing at the table with all of the medals.
The race has just finished for our team. Their official time: 4 hours 15 minutes 43 seconds. Catatina's run time 46.25. All of our team members did very well and am so pleased that Scott has found a way to compete. Louisville friends, please note that Scott is wearing a Louisville Bats t-shirt.
Scott worked out his stats: 151 swimmers finished the swim in the 5th heat. Scott's was the 45th person from his heat out of the water which put him at 29.8% Scott is quite pleased with his time and placing.
Also, I incorrectly reported that Scott was the first in his age group - OOps, he was merely 2nd! But he has told me that all the 60 y/o and above swimmers were faster than him - Animals !
Scott and Stephan are looking for a runner so that they may enter the Yas Island Tri Athlon next month. Catarina will be in Germany.

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  1. I can't believe I missed this post. This really is quite the event. Scott, you should be so proud.